Essential Oils & Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a truly magical time.  Your body is creating life, it’s incredible!

It’s also the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  First trimester I pretty much worked, ate and slept.

Unlike several friends, I was blessed with not having morning sickness.

The ones that did have morning sickness treated it with all sorts of things including not eating, eating crackers, eating broth, smelling oils and just plain old giving up!

You just don’t know what works til you find it.  My doula was way into essential oils and always showed up with a variety of choices.  I found that I actually like pure lavender oil, a scent I disliked in products.

Everyone has to find their own jam!  Some of the scents that my friends and pregnant clients find helpful are listed below!





I did a lot of research to make sure that my baby would be safe using oils and other products.  

I found this guideline from the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists about pregnancy and oils. this is from them-

As is evident, most oils are suitable for use during pregnancy; the real danger comes when the dosages are incorrect or irresponsible. Essential oils work with the body, not against it. The body always remains in control with low doses of oils. The oils below are used commonly in practice and present no hazard. While most pregnant clients will prefer the citrus-smelling oils, there are others that can be introduced:”

It has a list of what oils to avoid during pregnancy and what’s safe.

One other thing my doula brought to the labor room was a spray called Rescue Remedy that really helped me relax and eased anxiety as I labored (36 Hours ).

There is also an essential oil post partum blend, I did not try that one.  However, we did do the placenta encapsulation.

After you have your baby and begin nursing there are some specific oils to avoid that will decrease your milk flow.  Most common is Peppermint oil.

I use Gaia Fenugreek tablets  and Earth Momma Angel Baby Tea to keep up my milk production. They stopped selling the tea at Whole Foods so we have been getting it on Amazon.

Hope that helps-feel free to email me for any questions that come up!



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