Journals & Baby feet
Journals & Baby feet

Let’s talk about journaling!  

I wish to live my life in a “lead by example kind of way!” The only pressure with that intention is the illusion of perfection. I’m not claiming to have all of it, or any of it figured out.

When I journal, I like to get in touch with my heart, intentions, dreams, intuition and vulnerability.

I suggest journaling, because it has been one of the most healing methods for me.  The truth is,  since my son was born I’ve only journaled a handful of times.

I miss it so much, but I’m so grateful to know writing will always be there.  When I have a moment and need it most, the time to do it will arrive.

The method I’ve  found most healing for me was to simply start off writing about my day or what has been going on lately. I then work my way into some feelings, maybe something I felt guilty about or some overwhelming sense of fear.

Then I start analyzing where it comes from.  I assess whether it’s part of my pattern or something new and what role was I playing. Was I a victim, was I blaming and where can I take responsibility.

Then I try to connect to some higher power. Sometimes it’s the Universe, sometimes it’s God, sometimes it’s angels or guides it can be love or just nature. What ever I connect with in that moment is what works for me.  

I get a different perspective on my problems.  What looked like the end of the world and unfix-able, now isn’t so bad.

I begin to write about all the gifts that these problems actually bring.  My goal is to simply fill as many pages as I can with gratitude for what is beautiful, what feels safe and ways I can expand in the light.

Not all my journal entries look like this and when I began to write 20 years ago there were way more negative pages then positive. In those early days I had a lifetime of patterns that would continue to recycle.

I found my patterns couldn’t change until I had full awareness, accountability and trust that something bigger then myself could help me through it. So many lonely sad pages exposing my deepest feelings.

I’m so humbled to accept my powerlessness and work at being present everyday. Which, of course I don’t always manage!  But, I’m doing the best I can until I learn how to do it better – or my brain is magically able to break free of all of its habitual patterns and begin a new course.

I hope this helps some of you struggling with things in your life.  There are so many other ways to bring peace to your life as well. I will do my best to share whats worked for me.

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