Frankincense helped heal my burn!

I burned my arm!  Bummer 

It was late, I was tired. baby wouldn’t go to sleep.  I love him…..but….C’mon!

Anyway, I burned my arm on the toaster oven making my late night Trader Joes Superfood Burrito (it’s not that super).Trader Joes Super Food Burrito

I was not happy to have a burn, but it was super cool to try out my new oils!

First up I applied Lavender to sooth the burn.  After a couple of days, I noticed it was healing “scab”.  So I switched up to Frankincense!

It looked really bad.  I totally forgot to take any pictures until about day 4.  The picture below on the left side is Tuesday the right Friday.  I’m really surprised how fast it & well it’s healing!

Burn Treated with Oils
Burn Treated with Oils

I’m gonna try it on my C section scar (My hubby says no pics) but I’ll let you know how it goes!



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